Nightmare Cho'Gath
Gentleman Cho'Gath
Loch Ness Cho'Gath
Jurassic Cho'Gath
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Prehistoric Cho'Gath
Dark Star Cho'Gath
Shan Hai Scrolls Cho'Gath
From the moment Cho'Gath first emerged into the harsh light of Runeterra's sun, the beast was driven by the most pure and insatiable hunger. A perfect expression of the Void's desire to consume all life, Cho'Gath's complex biology quickly converts matter into new bodily growth—increasing its muscle mass and density, or hardening its outer carapace like organic diamond. When growing larger does not suit the Void-spawn's needs, it vomits out the excess material as razor-sharp spines, leaving prey skewered and ready to feast upon later.
Ally Tips

Try to line up your attacks with Vorpal Spikes so that they kill minions and harass enemy champions at the same time.

If you're having difficulty feasting upon champions, try eating minions until you're larger.

Using Rupture on creeps in combination with Carnivore is a good way to gain Health and Mana.

Enemy Tips

Purchasing a few HP items decreases the chances of Cho'Gath killing you quickly.

Focus on preventing Cho'Gath from reaching his max size.

Rupture has a smoke cloud indicating the area it will strike. Try to watch out for it to prevent Cho'Gath from being able to combo his abilities.