Soul Reaver Draven
Gladiator Draven
Primetime Draven
Pool Party Draven
Beast Hunter Draven
Draven Draven
Santa Draven
Mecha Kingdoms Draven
Ruined Draven
In Noxus, warriors known as Reckoners face one another in arenas where blood is spilled and strength tested—but none has ever been as celebrated as Draven. A former soldier, he found that the crowds uniquely appreciated his flair for the dramatic, and his unparalleled skill with his spinning axes. Addicted to the spectacle of his own brash perfection, Draven has sworn to defeat whomever he must to ensure that his name is chanted throughout the empire forever more.
Ally Tips

If Draven doesn't move, Spinning Axe will fall near his present location. It will fall directly on him, or just to the right or left.

If Draven does move after attacking, Spinning Axe will lead him in the direction of his movement. Use this to control where the Spinning Axe will go.

Enemy Tips

Launch skillshots toward the landing position of Draven's Spinning Axes.

Disrupt Draven with the goal of making him drop his axes. If you do, his power drops dramatically.