Spooky Gangplank
Minuteman Gangplank
Sailor Gangplank
Toy Soldier Gangplank
Special Forces Gangplank
Sultan Gangplank
Captain Gangplank
Dreadnova Gangplank
Pool Party Gangplank
FPX Gangplank
As unpredictable as he is brutal, the dethroned reaver king Gangplank is feared far and wide. Once, he ruled the port city of Bilgewater, and while his reign is over, there are those who believe this has only made him more dangerous. Gangplank would see Bilgewater bathed in blood once more before letting someone else take it—and now with pistol, cutlass, and barrels of gunpowder, he is determined to reclaim what he has lost.
Ally Tips

Parrrley applies On Hit effects like Frozen Mallet or Black Cleaver.

Paying attention to low-health enemies on the map can land you a surprise kill with Cannon Barrage.

Try placing Cannon Barrage on the path of escape to cut off fleeing enemies.

Enemy Tips

Parrrley deals a high amount of physical damage. Items that grant Armor can help if an enemy Gangplank is doing well.

Once Gangplank reaches level 6, watch out for his global-range ultimate, Cannon Barrage!