Charred Maokai
Totemic Maokai
Festive Maokai
Haunted Maokai
Goalkeeper Maokai
Victorious Maokai
Worldbreaker Maokai
Astronaut Maokai
Maokai is a rageful, towering treant who fights the unnatural horrors of the Shadow Isles. He was twisted into a force of vengeance after a magical cataclysm destroyed his home, surviving undeath only through the Waters of Life infused within his heartwood. Once a peaceful nature spirit, Maokai now furiously battles to banish the scourge of unlife from the Shadow Isles and restore his home to its former beauty.
Ally Tips

Saplings can be tossed into brush for empowered effect - but don't stack well.

Try looking for flanks or other situations where Nature's Grasp is unavoidable or takes enemies by surprise.

Maokai's passive makes him extremely durable against focus fire from spells - so long as he can still basic attack something.

Enemy Tips

Saplings will chase the first enemy that gets too close, but detonate after a few seconds or if they collide with other enemies. Be especially careful around brush sapling, as they are much more dangerous.

The cooldown on Maokai's self healing is heavily gated on how many time you hit him with spells. Careful about wasting abilities on him.

Maokai will avoid taking damage while he's using Twisted Advance, so don't waste your spells.