Shockblade Zed
SKT T1 Zed
Championship Zed
Death Sworn Zed
Galaxy Slayer Zed
PsyOps Zed
Galaxy Slayer Zed
PROJECT: Zed Prestige Edition
Utterly ruthless and without mercy, Zed is the leader of the Order of Shadow, an organization he created with the intent of militarizing Ionia's magical and martial traditions to drive out Noxian invaders. During the war, desperation led him to unlock the secret shadow form—a malevolent spirit magic as dangerous and corrupting as it is powerful. Zed has mastered all of these forbidden techniques to destroy anything he sees as a threat to his nation, or his new order.
Ally Tips

Saving energy and spell cooldowns until you use your ultimate will maximize Death Mark's damage.

Quickly double tapping Living Shadow will teleport Zed to his shadow immediately for rapid escapes.

Placing a Living Shadow before using Death Mark can give Zed a safe escape from combat.

Enemy Tips

Zed receives bonus effect from Attack Damage items he purchases, so Armor is super effective against him.

After Zed uses his Living Shadow, he is at his most vulnerable as his damage, slow, and mobility are both dependent upon it.

Zed's Shadow Slash can only slow you if his shadow hits you with it.