Dr. Mundo
Toxic Dr. Mundo
Mr. Mundoverse
Corporate Mundo
Mundo Mundo
Executioner Mundo
Rageborn Mundo
TPA Mundo
Pool Party Mundo
El Macho Mundo
Frozen Prince Mundo
Utterly insane, unrepentantly homicidal, and horrifyingly purple, Dr. Mundo is what keeps many of Zaun's citizens indoors on particularly dark nights. This monosyllabic monstrosity seems to want nothing more than pain—both the giving of it, and the receiving of it. Wielding his massive meat cleaver as if it were weightless, Mundo is infamous for capturing and torturing dozens of Zaun's citizens for his nefarious “operations,” which seem to have no overall point or goal. He is brutal. He is unpredictable. He goes where he pleases. He is also not, technically, a doctor.
Ally Tips

A well-timed Sadism can bait enemy champions into attacking you even when they lack the damage to finish you.

Spirit Visage will increase the healing done by your ultimate and lower cooldowns on all of your abilities.

Cleavers are a powerful tool for killing neutral monsters. Instead of returning to base, farm neutral monsters until your ultimate can heal you.

Enemy Tips

Try to coordinate high-damage abilities with your allies right after Dr. Mundo uses his ultimate, but if you're unable to kill him quickly with burst he will heal through the damage.

Try casting Ignite when Dr. Mundo uses Sadism to negate a large portion of its healing.